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  • Do you have a blog or website? Add a widget to it and show off your ZooEscape game information! It also helps give ZooEscape more links so we can be found more easily by the search engines  
  • If you use Internet Explorer to play your ZE Backgammon games, we now offer a smart bookmark (web slice) that automatically shows how many games require your attention or if you have any new messages. It also provides convenient links for easy navigation. You can find the link on the front page or on your active games page.
  • Want to share something with everyone on ZE, or just your ZE friends? Then write a Blurb and post it! It will appear on your Profile page and will be shared with your Friends via the Friends page. See your Profile page or Friends page to get started.
  • Move your mouse over a player's name and get a popup with some information about that player's statistics and their most recent Blurb!
  • There is now a Friend List. Users in your Friend List do not need to meet your Challenge Criteria when challenging you to a new game! You'll find links to add users on their profile pages and next to private messages you've had with users.
  • We have launched a referral program! Earn free months of a subscription on ZooEscape! Refer to the terms and conditions for how to earn free months.
  • To save you time when setting up your start game parameters, they are now saved!
  • You can now view a list of all messages you've had with another user. Links are on the user's profile page and included with each private message.
  • You can now specify criteria to be used when determining if another player can challenge you to a game. Visit the Challenge Criteria page.
  • Can't remember the full user name of a player or want to know which players have a Backgammon rating similar to yours? Find out at new Player Search page.
  • Want to know who has played the most Backgammon games or who has the most Backgammons? Visit our improved page that will answer these questions and more!
  • Acey-Deucey, another popular choice from our recent survey, went live today!
  • Change your backgammon board color in your Settings. There is also a new page color scheme!
  • Nackgammon Ladder is now available!
  • Nackgammon, one of the most popular game choices from our recent survey, is live!
  • Like statistics and numbers? Curious about the number of times the dice have been rolled in all completed backgammon games? Take a look at the Backgammon Dice Stats page. Also see these stats for your games from the Dice Stats link on your profile page.
  • You can specify in your Settings whether or not to have the dice sorted (unchanged is the default).
  • You can specify in your Settings to return to your active games list after making a move in a Backgammon game.
  • The Games In Progress link has been moved! Go to the GAMES button at the top of the page and choose Backgammon. Now you can get to your active backgammon games from any page!
  • Want to learn more about playing Backgammon? Suggested opening moves, tips, and more!
  • Vote for the Backgammon variations you would like to play on ZooEscape!
  • Subscribers can now view the type of game in past games.
  • You can now challenge a player to an unrated game of Backgammon.
  • Subscribers can now view the number of turns in past games with their rivals.
  • Sitemap link at the bottom of every page.
  • When searching through pages of prior games or messages, click on the ellipses (...) and get a 'Go to' box for going directly to a specific page.
  • Subscribers can now view a list of their rivals and their history against them.
  • You can now customize your active games list.
  • You can now search in the forums.
  • You can now request to be automatically confirmed for a tournament round if you are guaranteed to advance or if you are going on vacation and have the possibility to advance.
  • You can now send messages in a Backgammon game.
  • You can now see Who's online (based on the privacy settings of users).
  • You can now choose your preferred board size in your Settings.
  • You can now enable/disable automatic dice rolls in your Settings.
  • It is now possible to start a Backgammon game with the doubling cube.
  • Slight changes have been made to the rating system formula to accommodate the doubling cube.
  • You can now select in your Settings which Backgammon game is loaded next after you submit your turn.
  • Private messages can now be sent to other users of by clicking on the link in their profile. See if you have any new messages.
  • Ladder competition for Backgammon is now available.
  • Past games history is now available for all players.
  • Additional criteria can be specified when starting a new Backgammon game.
  • We are proud to announce our first Backgammon tournament!
  • Forced turns in Backgammon are made automatically and can be enabled/disabled in your account Settings.
  • Navigation buttons added to Backgammon moves list.
  • You can now interactively review the moves/turn history for Backgammon games.
  • You can see the history of a player's Backgammon rating on their profile page.
  • You can now postpone your games when going on vacation to avoid forfeiting games due to time.
  • We now support gammons and backgammons! Please note that it only affects new games and games in progress.
  • Now you can get more information about your fellow ZooEscapers by visiting their profile. View your profile now!
  • You can choose which personal information to show to other users as well as upload your own avatar image.
  • Ability to enable/disable various types of email notification is available in your account Settings.
  • When challenging another person to a Backgammon game, you an see your personal stats versus that player.
  • You can become a subscriber to ZooEscape to get access to more games and other great benefits.
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