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Refer your friends to ZooEscape! Earn a free month of a Silver Subscription on ZooEscape for each friend you refer who becomes a subscriber within one year of creating their account on ZooEscape. If you are already a subscriber, free months will be added to your existing subscription. So get your friends started at ZooEscape and encourage them to become subscribers since it benefits you! Spread the word, share the love...

There are a number of ways you can tell your friends about ZooEscape. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Call, text, or write to them asking them to register at and to type in your User Name in the 'Referred By' field.
  2. Copy and paste the link below on your website or blog with a note telling your friends to register by clicking on the link. (The 'Referred By' field will be automatically filled in when they register via this link.)
  3. You can also use buttons/images/etc. from our Links page for linking to ZooEscape and your referrals will be tracked from them too (your user name is encoded with the images).
  4. Use this link to invite them to a game of Backgammon.

Referring someone to ZooEscape can only be established during the account registration process. This means that you cannot claim someone as your referral after they have already registered on ZooEscape.

Conditions and Limitations: Free months of subscription earned through this program are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Players are not eligible to receive the reward for referring someone listed as playing from the same computer. Subscriptions received via special offers or group discounts, as a gift or an award from a third party, are excluded from the referral program. Void where prohibited.

Note that sending of unsolicited mass e-mails (spam) advertising ZooEscape is strictly prohibited and will result in account suspension and loss of any free months credited to account without any refund.

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