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In backgammon, what is a doubling cube?
A doubling cube is used in backgammon to increase the points received by the winner of the game. At the start of the game, the cube is set at '1'. If a player has possession of the cube, and it is their turn to move, and they have not yet rolled the dice, they can offer to double the current points. The opposing player can either accept the offer, at which point they take possession of the cube, or they must resign the game. At the beginning of the game, no one has possession of the cube so either player can initiate the offer. If the opponent accepts the doubling offer, the current points are doubled. If the opponent chooses to resign in response to the offer, the game ends with the points remaining unchanged (at the value before the offer was made). The highest possible value of the cube is 64.

The value of the cube at the end of the game is multiplied by 2 in the case of a gammon or 3 in the case of a backgammon. The final points influence the participating players' ratings according to the rating formula. Please note that gammon/backgammon can only result from a game completing normally, or if your opponent resigns. If during a game with a doubling cube a player declines to double and the game ends, no gammon/backgammon will be awarded.
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