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In backgammon games, what is a gammon, backgammon, or regular game?
A gammon occurs when a game is over and the losing player still hasn't borne off (i.e. removed from the board) any of their chips.

A backgammon occurs when the losing player hasn't borne off any chips and also has chips remaining in the winning player's home (inner) quadrant or on the bar.

If the losing player has borne off at least one chip, the game ends normally (regular game) (see FAQ #14 for more about rating system).

When a player resigns a game, or times out, the outcome of the game is determined based on the difference in the current situations for each side. I.e. each player's situation is classified separately, as if the other player's chips were no longer on the board (see above). For example, if the resigning player would lose by a backgammon and their opponent would lose by a gammon, the overall game is considered a gammon. If the resigning player has a better situation, they would still lose the game but no gammon or backgammon is awarded to the winning player.

The outcome of the game can also be affected if the doubling cube is used. See FAQ #31 for more information.
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