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Discussions about Backgammon. Topics might include backgammon strategies, game history, or interesting games you have played.
SubjectRepliesStarted byLast Post
NT4 - Group standings 15 yiannakos03-Feb-2016, 00:23 PDT
What is preferable? 3 gevergever31-Jan-2016, 12:02 PDT
NT4 - Results 299 yiannakos12-Jan-2016, 21:20 PDT
New tournament or play ideas 24 oldman6912-Jan-2016, 19:29 PDT
(deleted)2 qualifier25-Nov-2015, 07:55 PDT
Hacked? 2 yiannakos10-Oct-2015, 14:08 PDT
2nd Nations tournament? 221 yiannakos12-Sep-2015, 07:43 PDT
Steelerhead has done it! 7 eagle007-Sep-2015, 07:06 PDT
For those that enjoy mad endgames... 0 guthers10-Aug-2015, 15:22 PDT
Mini Tournaments 6 Ojibway27-Jul-2015, 10:25 PDT
Congrats to winners of 36th Backgammon t… 0 TawnyaH13-Jul-2015, 03:03 PDT
Just a quick 1 twotonic10-Jul-2015, 21:39 PDT
Top ten of all three ladders at same tim… 4 TawnyaH03-Jul-2015, 09:48 PDT
Check out the 5-way tie in Group 2 in th… 2 uahskr10-Jun-2015, 04:23 PDT
lilwarrior 1 uahskr28-Apr-2015, 16:06 PDT
All good things must come to an end 2 __AJ__22-Apr-2015, 14:51 PDT
How many more moves... 0 guthers05-Apr-2015, 07:37 PDT
all over the world 1 Dadooo20-Mar-2015, 12:37 PDT
Ladder Race 30 David Cool20-Feb-2015, 06:31 PDT
Is message board working? 1 TawnyaH16-Feb-2015, 04:41 PDT

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