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Topic: New Tournament policy
21:08 PDT
New Tournament policy

In case anyone missed it, Zooescape has new tournament rules:

"Start off your New Year with our 100th Backgammon Tournament! It begins 01-Jan-2018.

Beginning with this Tournament, there are some new procedures that will help speed up tournaments! They are as follows:

-Any game that times out results in disqualification of all games for that player for that round.

-A player having more than one (1) postponement of games during a round results in disqualification of all games for that player for that round.

-Disqualified games are still active and affect the players' overall ratings.

-Each player moving on to the next round is automatically confirmed for the next round. A player may withdraw prior to the start date of the next round. "

Limiting players to one vacation per round prevents egregious stalling but someone can still do a decent amount of damage with one well-timed 30 day vacation. And of course nothing is stopping someone from taking the full 3 days every time, as long as they take care not to time out, which I believe players who intentionally stall in tournaments often do...

But these rules can only help the situation, and ZE also eliminated the unfair scenarios where a player times out in games against one opponent but continues playing against the others, which is a nice thing they didn't emphasize in the announcement.

Problem solved or too little too late? Sound off in the comments.

05:10 PDT
I don't agree

I find these new rules quite limiting. I discovered them because I found myself out of a tournament (103rd BG tourney) without knowing it. I indeed had to take two short (three days each) breaks, and used postponement.

I often have to take short breaks and unsless this rule is changed, I will not be able to partecipate to tournaments. I think I do not deserve disqualification, and if things will stay as now, I will probably not renew my subscription (and just this morning I was evaluating the possibility of taking the life-time long subscription     ).

Of course I am open for comments.

Best regard,


07:47 PDT
Copy chess

If it were possible, I would say have participants clocked. Once I make a move, my opponent's clock is ticking and vice versa.
Allow a maximum of, let's say, 40 days to each player so, someone like Ciccio can take his breaks and others - who shall remain nameless - cannot consistently move on the 3rd day.

00:06 PDT
Great idea

I second it, and it would ensure that in any case a tournament round ends in 80 days maximum.

10:10 PDT
Disqualified players

Once in a while, I see a player removed from my tournament group because of time out.... I suggest to end all three games too (no change for ranking). I have no motivation to play any disqualificated players in any tournament.....
a total meaningless game!

14:27 PDT

doesn't it still count on zoo rating

19:53 PDT
Reply to nightking

Yes, as of now, still count on ranking even your tournament opponent is disqualified... that's why I am bringing this issue up.... why continue playing with disqualified players? All three games should be cancelled and no change in ranking ....

15:16 PDT
Reply to Steeler

Agreed. Seems fair.

17:21 PDT

why not play the games just for rating points. I think there must be a change in rating (3) games
not that it matters much to me  

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