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Play Backgammon tournaments online for free! We have monthly tournaments for Backgammon and for Nackgammon. If you like to compete, join in and have fun playing Backgammon online against other players.

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87th Backgammon Tournament(228 players)
Begins: 05-Dec-2016
71st Nackgammon Tournament(109 players)
Begins: 12-Dec-2016
60th Acey-Deucey Tournament(76 players)
Begins: 19-Dec-2016
Rules/Procedures »
  • Players are divided into groups of at most 5 for each round.
  • Each member of a group plays 3 games against every other player in the group.
  • Once a round begins, a player cannot withdraw from the tournament.
  • All games for a round are started at the same time.
  • Each game is given 3 days per turn.
  • Each game is rated and affects the players' overall ratings (there are no separate ratings for tournaments and no canceling of games).
  • At the end of the round, the player(s) with the most wins in each group moves on to the next round.
  • Each player moving on to the next round is required to confirm their participation prior to the start date of the next round or they will be withdrawn.
  • A new round is started one (1) week after the end of the previous round.
  • The doubling cube is not used.
In Progress
59th Acey-Deucey Tournament(21-Nov-2016 to ?)
58th Acey-Deucey Tournament(17-Oct-2016 to ?)
57th Acey-Deucey Tournament(19-Sep-2016 to ?)
56th Acey-Deucey Tournament(15-Aug-2016 to ?)
55th Acey-Deucey Tournament(18-Jul-2016 to ?)
54th Acey-Deucey Tournament(20-Jun-2016 to ?)
6th Acey-Deucey Tournament(18-Jun-2012 to ?)
70th Nackgammon Tournament(14-Nov-2016 to ?)
69th Nackgammon Tournament(10-Oct-2016 to ?)
68th Nackgammon Tournament(12-Sep-2016 to ?)
67th Nackgammon Tournament(08-Aug-2016 to ?)
66th Nackgammon Tournament(11-Jul-2016 to ?)
65th Nackgammon Tournament(13-Jun-2016 to ?)
33rd Nackgammon Tournament(14-Oct-2013 to ?)
86th Backgammon Tournament(07-Nov-2016 to ?)
85th Backgammon Tournament(03-Oct-2016 to ?)
84th Backgammon Tournament(05-Sep-2016 to ?)
83rd Backgammon Tournament(01-Aug-2016 to ?)
82nd Backgammon Tournament(04-Jul-2016 to ?)
81st Backgammon Tournament(06-Jun-2016 to ?)
46th Backgammon Tournament(01-Jul-2013 to ?)
53rd Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-May-2016 to 17-Oct-2016)
52nd Acey-Deucey Tournament(18-Apr-2016 to 14-Nov-2016)
51st Acey-Deucey Tournament(21-Mar-2016 to 01-Dec-2016)
50th Acey-Deucey Tournament(15-Feb-2016 to 19-Oct-2016)
49th Acey-Deucey Tournament(18-Jan-2016 to 08-Aug-2016)
48th Acey-Deucey Tournament(21-Dec-2015 to 08-Aug-2016)
47th Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-Nov-2015 to 13-Jul-2016)
46th Acey-Deucey Tournament(19-Oct-2015 to 20-Apr-2016)
45th Acey-Deucey Tournament(21-Sep-2015 to 31-Mar-2016)
44th Acey-Deucey Tournament(17-Aug-2015 to 17-Feb-2016)
43rd Acey-Deucey Tournament(20-Jul-2015 to 08-Feb-2016)
42nd Acey-Deucey Tournament(15-Jun-2015 to 11-Jan-2016)
41st Acey-Deucey Tournament(18-May-2015 to 16-Nov-2015)
40th Acey-Deucey Tournament(20-Apr-2015 to 01-Dec-2015)
39th Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-Mar-2015 to 30-Nov-2015)
38th Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-Feb-2015 to 12-Aug-2015)
37th Acey-Deucey Tournament(19-Jan-2015 to 24-Aug-2015)
36th Acey-Deucey Tournament(15-Dec-2014 to 13-Jul-2015)
35th Acey-Deucey Tournament(17-Nov-2014 to 18-May-2015)
34th Acey-Deucey Tournament(20-Oct-2014 to 28-Apr-2015)
33rd Acey-Deucey Tournament(15-Sep-2014 to 23-Feb-2015)
32nd Acey-Deucey Tournament(18-Aug-2014 to 06-Apr-2015)
31st Acey-Deucey Tournament(21-Jul-2014 to 23-Mar-2015)
30th Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-Jun-2014 to 05-Mar-2015)
29th Acey-Deucey Tournament(19-May-2014 to 17-Nov-2014)
28th Acey-Deucey Tournament(21-Apr-2014 to 31-Dec-2014)
27th Acey-Deucey Tournament(17-Mar-2014 to 22-Oct-2014)
26th Acey-Deucey Tournament(17-Feb-2014 to 05-Nov-2014)
25th Acey-Deucey Tournament(20-Jan-2014 to 17-Sep-2014)
24th Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-Dec-2013 to 21-Jul-2014)
23rd Acey-Deucey Tournament(18-Nov-2013 to 21-Jul-2014)
22nd Acey-Deucey Tournament(21-Oct-2013 to 21-Jul-2014)
21st Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-Sep-2013 to 13-May-2014)
20th Acey-Deucey Tournament(19-Aug-2013 to 07-Apr-2014)
19th Acey-Deucey Tournament(15-Jul-2013 to 28-Apr-2014)
18th Acey-Deucey Tournament(17-Jun-2013 to 21-Apr-2014)
17th Acey-Deucey Tournament(20-May-2013 to 03-Dec-2013)
16th Acey-Deucey Tournament(15-Apr-2013 to 04-Nov-2013)
15th Acey-Deucey Tournament(18-Mar-2013 to 23-Oct-2013)
14th Acey-Deucey Tournament(18-Feb-2013 to 11-Nov-2013)
13th Acey-Deucey Tournament(21-Jan-2013 to 21-Oct-2013)
12th Acey-Deucey Tournament(17-Dec-2012 to 12-Aug-2013)
11th Acey-Deucey Tournament(19-Nov-2012 to 17-Jun-2013)
10th Acey-Deucey Tournament(15-Oct-2012 to 14-Aug-2013)
9th Acey-Deucey Tournament(17-Sep-2012 to 06-May-2013)
8th Acey-Deucey Tournament(20-Aug-2012 to 23-Apr-2013)
7th Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-Jul-2012 to 07-Feb-2013)
5th Acey-Deucey Tournament(21-May-2012 to 07-Feb-2013)
4th Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-Apr-2012 to 06-Nov-2012)
3rd Acey-Deucey Tournament(19-Mar-2012 to 30-Oct-2012)
2nd Acey-Deucey Tournament(20-Feb-2012 to 20-Aug-2012)
1st Acey-Deucey Tournament(16-Jan-2012 to 22-Oct-2012)
64th Nackgammon Tournament(09-May-2016 to 14-Nov-2016)
63rd Nackgammon Tournament(11-Apr-2016 to 24-Aug-2016)
62nd Nackgammon Tournament(14-Mar-2016 to 08-Aug-2016)
61st Nackgammon Tournament(08-Feb-2016 to 25-Jul-2016)
60th Nackgammon Tournament(11-Jan-2016 to 14-Jun-2016)
59th Nackgammon Tournament(14-Dec-2015 to 01-Jun-2016)
58th Nackgammon Tournament(09-Nov-2015 to 25-Apr-2016)
57th Nackgammon Tournament(12-Oct-2015 to 14-Mar-2016)
56th Nackgammon Tournament(14-Sep-2015 to 23-Feb-2016)
55th Nackgammon Tournament(10-Aug-2015 to 07-Dec-2015)
54th Nackgammon Tournament(13-Jul-2015 to 07-Jan-2016)
53rd Nackgammon Tournament(08-Jun-2015 to 16-Nov-2015)
52nd Nackgammon Tournament(11-May-2015 to 08-Oct-2015)
51st Nackgammon Tournament(13-Apr-2015 to 22-Sep-2015)
50th Nackgammon Tournament(09-Mar-2015 to 25-Aug-2015)
49th Nackgammon Tournament(09-Feb-2015 to 03-Aug-2015)
48th Nackgammon Tournament(12-Jan-2015 to 12-Aug-2015)
47th Nackgammon Tournament(08-Dec-2014 to 22-Jun-2015)
46th Nackgammon Tournament(10-Nov-2014 to 13-Apr-2015)
45th Nackgammon Tournament(13-Oct-2014 to 07-Apr-2015)
44th Nackgammon Tournament(08-Sep-2014 to 29-Apr-2015)
43rd Nackgammon Tournament(11-Aug-2014 to 26-Jan-2015)
42nd Nackgammon Tournament(14-Jul-2014 to 09-Dec-2014)
41st Nackgammon Tournament(09-Jun-2014 to 03-Nov-2014)
40th Nackgammon Tournament(12-May-2014 to 17-Nov-2014)
39th Nackgammon Tournament(14-Apr-2014 to 23-Sep-2014)
38th Nackgammon Tournament(10-Mar-2014 to 11-Sep-2014)
37th Nackgammon Tournament(10-Feb-2014 to 25-Aug-2014)
36th Nackgammon Tournament(13-Jan-2014 to 02-Jun-2014)
35th Nackgammon Tournament(09-Dec-2013 to 23-Jun-2014)
34th Nackgammon Tournament(11-Nov-2013 to 08-Apr-2014)
32nd Nackgammon Tournament(09-Sep-2013 to 07-Apr-2014)
31st Nackgammon Tournament(12-Aug-2013 to 28-Jan-2014)
30th Nackgammon Tournament(08-Jul-2013 to 22-Jan-2014)
29th Nackgammon Tournament(10-Jun-2013 to 27-Nov-2013)
28th Nackgammon Tournament(13-May-2013 to 30-Sep-2013)
27th Nackgammon Tournament(08-Apr-2013 to 24-Oct-2013)
26th Nackgammon Tournament(11-Mar-2013 to 09-Sep-2013)
25th Nackgammon Tournament(11-Feb-2013 to 05-Aug-2013)
24th Nackgammon Tournament(14-Jan-2013 to 09-Jul-2013)
23rd Nackgammon Tournament(10-Dec-2012 to 08-Jul-2013)
22nd Nackgammon Tournament(12-Nov-2012 to 29-Apr-2013)
21st Nackgammon Tournament(08-Oct-2012 to 20-Mar-2013)
20th Nackgammon Tournament(10-Sep-2012 to 28-Jan-2013)
19th Nackgammon Tournament(13-Aug-2012 to 26-Dec-2012)
18th Nackgammon Tournament(09-Jul-2012 to 10-Dec-2012)
17th Nackgammon Tournament(11-Jun-2012 to 04-Dec-2012)
16th Nackgammon Tournament(14-May-2012 to 14-Nov-2012)
15th Nackgammon Tournament(09-Apr-2012 to 15-Nov-2012)
14th Nackgammon Tournament(12-Mar-2012 to 03-Sep-2012)
13th Nackgammon Tournament(13-Feb-2012 to 09-Jul-2012)
12th Nackgammon Tournament(09-Jan-2012 to 13-Aug-2012)
11th Nackgammon Tournament(12-Dec-2011 to 28-May-2012)
10th Nackgammon Tournament(14-Nov-2011 to 28-May-2012)
9th Nackgammon Tournament(10-Oct-2011 to 19-Mar-2012)
8th Nackgammon Tournament(12-Sep-2011 to 13-Feb-2012)
7th Nackgammon Tournament(08-Aug-2011 to 22-Feb-2012)
6th Nackgammon Tournament(11-Jul-2011 to 14-Dec-2011)
5th Nackgammon Tournament(13-Jun-2011 to 30-Nov-2011)
4th Nackgammon Tournament(09-May-2011 to 03-Oct-2011)
3rd Nackgammon Tournament(11-Apr-2011 to 12-Sep-2011)
2nd Nackgammon Tournament(14-Mar-2011 to 20-Jul-2011)
1st Nackgammon Tournament(14-Feb-2011 to 01-Sep-2011)
80th Backgammon Tournament(02-May-2016 to 07-Nov-2016)
79th Backgammon Tournament(04-Apr-2016 to 10-Oct-2016)
78th Backgammon Tournament(07-Mar-2016 to 22-Sep-2016)
77th Backgammon Tournament(01-Feb-2016 to 31-Aug-2016)
76th Backgammon Tournament(04-Jan-2016 to 06-Jun-2016)
75th Backgammon Tournament(07-Dec-2015 to 16-May-2016)
74th Backgammon Tournament(02-Nov-2015 to 17-Mar-2016)
73rd Backgammon Tournament(05-Oct-2015 to 24-Mar-2016)
72nd Backgammon Tournament(07-Sep-2015 to 25-Feb-2016)
71st Backgammon Tournament(03-Aug-2015 to 10-Feb-2016)
70th Backgammon Tournament(06-Jul-2015 to 30-Dec-2015)
69th Backgammon Tournament(01-Jun-2015 to 19-Nov-2015)
68th Backgammon Tournament(04-May-2015 to 05-Nov-2015)
67th Backgammon Tournament(06-Apr-2015 to 27-Oct-2015)
66th Backgammon Tournament(02-Mar-2015 to 30-Sep-2015)
65th Backgammon Tournament(02-Feb-2015 to 27-Jul-2015)
64th Backgammon Tournament(05-Jan-2015 to 03-Aug-2015)
63rd Backgammon Tournament(01-Dec-2014 to 21-May-2015)
62nd Backgammon Tournament(03-Nov-2014 to 06-May-2015)
61st Backgammon Tournament(06-Oct-2014 to 26-Mar-2015)
60th Backgammon Tournament(01-Sep-2014 to 16-Feb-2015)
59th Backgammon Tournament(04-Aug-2014 to 09-Feb-2015)
58th Backgammon Tournament(07-Jul-2014 to 03-Feb-2015)
57th Backgammon Tournament(02-Jun-2014 to 08-Dec-2014)
56th Backgammon Tournament(05-May-2014 to 13-Nov-2014)
55th Backgammon Tournament(07-Apr-2014 to 25-Sep-2014)
54th Backgammon Tournament(03-Mar-2014 to 04-Aug-2014)
53rd Backgammon Tournament(03-Feb-2014 to 22-Jul-2014)
52nd Backgammon Tournament(06-Jan-2014 to 10-Sep-2014)
51st Backgammon Tournament(02-Dec-2013 to 30-Jun-2014)
50th Backgammon Tournament(04-Nov-2013 to 05-May-2014)
49th Backgammon Tournament(07-Oct-2013 to 28-Apr-2014)
48th Backgammon Tournament(02-Sep-2013 to 17-Mar-2014)
47th Backgammon Tournament(05-Aug-2013 to 21-Jan-2014)
45th Backgammon Tournament(03-Jun-2013 to 16-Dec-2013)
44th Backgammon Tournament(06-May-2013 to 25-Nov-2013)
43rd Backgammon Tournament(01-Apr-2013 to 07-Oct-2013)
42nd Backgammon Tournament(04-Mar-2013 to 05-Aug-2013)
41st Backgammon Tournament(04-Feb-2013 to 26-Aug-2013)
40th Backgammon Tournament(07-Jan-2013 to 23-Jul-2013)
39th Backgammon Tournament(03-Dec-2012 to 22-Apr-2013)
38th Backgammon Tournament(05-Nov-2012 to 29-May-2013)
37th Backgammon Tournament(01-Oct-2012 to 11-Mar-2013)
36th Backgammon Tournament(03-Sep-2012 to 14-Mar-2013)
35th Backgammon Tournament(06-Aug-2012 to 23-Jan-2013)
34th Backgammon Tournament(02-Jul-2012 to 19-Dec-2012)
33rd Backgammon Tournament(04-Jun-2012 to 10-Dec-2012)
32nd Backgammon Tournament(07-May-2012 to 29-Oct-2012)
31st Backgammon Tournament(02-Apr-2012 to 05-Nov-2012)
30th Backgammon Tournament(05-Mar-2012 to 10-Sep-2012)
29th Backgammon Tournament(06-Feb-2012 to 26-Sep-2012)
28th Backgammon Tournament(02-Jan-2012 to 24-May-2012)
27th Backgammon Tournament(05-Dec-2011 to 06-Aug-2012)
26th Backgammon Tournament(07-Nov-2011 to 26-Mar-2012)
25th Backgammon Tournament(03-Oct-2011 to 16-Apr-2012)
24th Backgammon Tournament(05-Sep-2011 to 23-Jan-2012)
23rd Backgammon Tournament(01-Aug-2011 to 02-Jan-2012)
22nd Backgammon Tournament(04-Jul-2011 to 26-Dec-2011)
21st Backgammon Tournament(06-Jun-2011 to 24-Oct-2011)
20th Backgammon Tournament(02-May-2011 to 07-Nov-2011)
19th Backgammon Tournament(04-Apr-2011 to 05-Sep-2011)
18th Backgammon Tournament(07-Mar-2011 to 15-Aug-2011)
17th Backgammon Tournament(07-Feb-2011 to 01-Aug-2011)
16th Backgammon Tournament(03-Jan-2011 to 20-Jun-2011)
15th Backgammon Tournament(06-Dec-2010 to 06-Jun-2011)
14th Backgammon Tournament(01-Nov-2010 to 04-Apr-2011)
13th Backgammon Tournament(04-Oct-2010 to 18-Apr-2011)
12th Backgammon Tournament(06-Sep-2010 to 07-Mar-2011)
11th Backgammon Tournament(02-Aug-2010 to 10-Jan-2011)
10th Backgammon Tournament(05-Jul-2010 to 29-Nov-2010)
9th Backgammon Tournament(07-Jun-2010 to 03-Jan-2011)
8th Backgammon Tournament(03-May-2010 to 01-Nov-2010)
7th Backgammon Tournament(05-Apr-2010 to 16-Aug-2010)
6th Backgammon Tournament(01-Mar-2010 to 08-Jul-2010)
5th Backgammon Tournament(01-Feb-2010 to 05-Jul-2010)
4th Backgammon Tournament(04-Jan-2010 to 13-Jul-2010)
3rd Backgammon Tournament(07-Dec-2009 to 05-May-2010)
2nd Backgammon Tournament(02-Nov-2009 to 12-Apr-2010)
1st Backgammon Tournament(05-Oct-2009 to 25-Jan-2010)
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