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Topic: Tournament withdrawals
00:53 PST
Tournament withdrawals

I have noticed a new fad in ZE of allowing players to withdraw AFTER a tournament has started.
I don't think this should be allowed as players may come to think they have won their group only to end up eliminated in a case where they have won more games against the withdrawing player than a close runner-up has.
Group 1 consists of three players: A, B, C
the results:
A - B 1-2
A - C 3-0
B - C 1-2
The group table should look like this:
1. A 4-2
2. B 2-4
3. C 2-4

however, player C withdraws and the final standings become:

1. B 2-1
2. A 1-2

which is unfair!

22:50 PST
thats strange

I don't play in many ZE tourneys but I don't think such a feature would have been introduced officially by maybe mixing it with a player who times out his/her any 1 of a tourney game and ZE kicks him/her from that round or if a player avails more than 1 vacation flag during a round then that also results in his/her ineligibility from that round....

its my explanation if a player vanishes from a round table....if there is any button/option of withdrawing after a tourney rounds starts then pz let me know also, we can complain ZE about it..I have not seen such an option though.

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