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Topic: Ladder Challenges
20:31 PST
Ladder Challenges

I'm a little confused, but decided to start a thread for an explanation if anyone has one. Why is it that so often I win a Ladder game (Acey) and immediately try to challenge my opponent for a rematch and they're suddenly at their maximum number of games? Are people afraid to lose another match and they go to their settings and lower their maximum games? Why would someone do that? I lose all the time, but I'm not afraid to accept a rematch from someone who just slaughtered me. What's the deal? Nobody can remain at the top of a Ladder. We win some, we lose some.

12:26 PST

You do realise that prople often have more important things in life than playing online backgammon and set the max amount of games that best fits their lives?

Maybe you have time to play 50/100/200 games, good for you, but others often don't.

14:21 PST

Peter Hill,

Not only was your comment very rude, but completely irrelevant. I knew the answer to my question, I merely wanted to see if anyone would admit the truth.

Players are lowering their maximum number of games just before they lose a match. Then I can't reinvite them. Poor sportsmanship. They don't want me to beat them again, so they lower their settings so I can't invite them.

This has nothing to do with how much time someone has. I hope you understand now.

See you on the boards.

00:58 PST


The reason you cannot challenge them is that they are playing more games than their max.
If e.g. I am playing 20 ladder games and you try to challenge me after beating me, you would be unable to do so as my max is set at 17.  

21:41 PST
my 2 cents

I don't play ladders but i think i can understand this situation, I reckon they set their max games to a lower number and play games more than that, for this they can challenge others whenever they want but others can't challenge them and it has nothing to do with a single-player not able to challenge them...this setting would be effective for all body would be able to challenge to that player whom u just beat so nothing personal...and i don't think there would be anybody in the world fast enough who would come and change his/her max game criteria just after their losing a game so don't worry..

and on the other hand, i hv seen most fights here in the forum on must be a dirty fight there in ladders  

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