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Topic: 1st page joy
13:44 PST
1st page joy

Remembering fondly when I had dreams of being #1 on each ladder at the same time, when now I am happy just to be on the 1st page of all three at the same time. Just was surprised how exciting it is to see a challenge option for players above me, even at #1!

Look out, Bonne Chance!  

09:46 PST
It's tougher!

The sentiment is shared, Tawnya H.
And it's really disappointing to do so much work in a day to get to 10th place, only to wake up the next morning and find out you dropped to 20th.
I often wonder: if ten players below me all won to drop me 10 places, why can't - by the same token - ten players above me all lose to propel me into 1st place?  

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