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Check out these pages for tips and tricks on improving your Backgammon game. Then play online Backgammon against your friends or other players here for free! Join a tournament or ladder, or just start a new Backgammon game. We also have Nackgammon and Acey-Deucey, which are variations of Backgammon.

» Backgammon Opening Moves
Suggested opening moves for Backgammon based on statistical analysis

» Backgammon Opening Move Replies
Suggested replies to Backgammon opening moves based on statistical analysis

» Backgammon Strategies
Basic and advanced strategies on how to play the game of Backgammon

» Backgammon Tips
Suggestions on how to determine your best next move in your Backgammon games

» Backgammon Terminology
Definitions of common Backgammon terms used on ZooEscape

How to Play Backgammon
Move your chips off the Backgammon board before you opponent does.
A player's turn is two moves determined by two dice rolled by the computer (or four moves if doubles occur on the dice).
The player moves their chips counter-clockwise on the board.
Clicking on a point containing your chips moves one chip the number of pips on the first die, then clicking on another (or same) point containing the player's chips moves one chip the number of pips on the second die.
Clicking on either die swaps them, resetting the board if any move was made.
Clicking on an inactive area of the board resets the board.
Once all possible moves are made, if any, click the 'Submit' button to end the turn.
If a player's turn is not made within the designated time period, they forfeit the Backgammon game.
A chip can only be moved to a point with no chips, to a point with the player's chips, to a point with exactly one opponent's chip, or to the player's home.
If the player moves a chip to a point containing exactly one opponent's chip, the opponent's chip is hit and moved to the bar in the middle of the board.
The player must complete all available moves.
If the player can move only one chip for either die, the player must play the higher die.
If the player cannot move a chip for either die, player's turn is passed.
All chips on a bar must be moved into play before any other chips can be moved.
The player can only bear off chips when all of their chips are in their home board.
When bearing off, a die can only be used for a chip on the farthest point.
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