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How To Play Quicksand Classic Timed:
Achieve a high score by submitting acceptable words.
Click on letters to select them, ultimately forming an acceptable word.
Click on any of the selected letters or the 'Submit' button to submit the word for comparision against's dictionary.
If the submitted word is accepted, the score for that word is added to the player's current score. Otherwise, the selected letters are cleared.
New letters appear in place of the selected letters of an accepted word.
If the player's current score exceeds their high score, the 'Submit Score' button is enabled and the player may submit their score at that time.
Submitting a high score ends the current game.
If playing the 'Timed' option, the game ends once time expires. A high score can be submitted at that time.
The game can be paused, which stops the clock until the game is resumed by pressing the 'Resume' button.
Letters must be adjacent. Adjacent letters are neighboring letters including diagonal (i.e. letters that share an edge or a corner).
Words must be at least 2 letters and at most 15 letters.
Acceptable words are words that are found in's dictionary (based on the modern American English language).
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