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User Naming
The following types of names are prohibited:

1) Vile, profane, rude, or racist names including common swear words, anatomical references, racial slurs, and homonyms of these words.

2) Combinations of words that produce an offensive result (e.g. Hugeaz, TugMcGroin).

3) Names of religious, occult, or significant historic origin (e.g. Jesus, Allah, Satan, Stalin, Hitler, Devil, Demon).

4) Trademarked names of products, services, or concepts (e.g. Marlboro, Sony, Band-Aid).

5) Names of famous people, either fictional or non-fictional (e.g. BillClinton, AustinPowers, BritneySpears, HarryPotter).

6) References to drug substances or drug related paraphernalia. (e.g. Ecstacy, Cannibis).

For all of the above, misspellings and alternative spellings of the words are also unacceptable.

Any account with a user name that falls under any of the categories above will be suspended and/or deleted immediately, without any prior notice, with no refund of any kind.

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