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I'm seeing excessive and/or inappropriate/adult ads on your site, why?
We do not allow inappropriate or adult ads on Zoo Escape. What you are seeing is most likely produced by so called "adware" or "spyware" programs -- a free program or software package that you have downloaded and installed on your computer, that contains a hidden module that shows excessive ads (pup-ups, banner ads, text links, etc.) on the websites you visit without their authorization. Also, certain unscrupulous websites (hacking/cracking, pirating music/software, adult, etc.) can sometimes exploit newly discovered security flaws in Internet Explorer that allow them to install hidden software on your computer without your consent. Same as with the computer viruses, your computer can get infected with "spyware"/"adware" via downloading and installing of untrusted programs, by opening dangerous email attachments, by visiting shady websites, etc. etc. You can read more about "adware"/"spyware" programs here: Spyware Info. There are excellent free spyware detection and removal tools, for example: Ad-Aware, SpyBot Search and Destroy.
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