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Discussions about Sudoku. Topics might include whether the puzzles are properly grouped relative to their difficulty, strategies for solving the puzzles, or other tools you would like to have in order to help you solve the puzzles.
SubjectRepliesStarted byLast Post
still stuck at 4977 (expert sudoku game … 0 makerson21-Jan-2020, 09:59 PDT
stuck at 4977 0 makerson19-Jan-2020, 06:32 PDT
Are two solutions to the same puzzle pos… 0 sprint7213-Dec-2012, 13:08 PDT
puzzle generator is flawed 3 TawnyaH13-Dec-2012, 12:15 PDT
saved games???? 0 mtnlvr08-Dec-2012, 15:09 PDT
pattern 0 karrboy8417-Apr-2009, 10:52 PDT
Welcome to the Sudoku Forum! 0 Zoo Escape Staff27-Mar-2009, 06:32 PDT

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