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Topic: Supper Fast Games
15:57 PDT
Supper Fast Games

Hi everybody
i love super fast games.
suggestion: "game category 5 minutes for movement when you are online and one day if you log-out."
this make a games too fast and excited.
please let me find your idea
best regards

19:23 PDT
I understand

I get it Ali, but I'm not going to go and change my settings everytime I play. I'm on and off throughout the day, and have been for 10 years. It works fine for 99.9% of the players.

If we get a fast game in, yay!

21:28 PDT
Ready to Play

I am online daily Monday to Friday between 7AM-3PM (Iranian Time) and ready to play a fast game

22:30 PDT
Super idea

Im long time online(background)... but this not mean i can move every moment.
Would be uncomfortable to me to switched 'on-off'.
I can just promise - if i start i'll play fast.
Who knows me knows i keep my word  

22:54 PDT

it does to mean , we ask ZE to create an option as super fast, with those law.
for example if one person make too late bigger that 5 minutes the game was ended as before law ( time out, lost , cancel and etc)
and if he absents as logout also ZE rule acts as time out.

23:06 PDT
Solution for time being

ZE will not do it....every1 has requested them multiple times in past but in vain

In the current scenario, u can engage in games with willing players by deciding beforehand

For example: if anybody wants to play with me then they can start a game with super fast comments between 4AM-1PM GMT and I will make sure that I will keep playing that game fast till thats ended..

Any1 who wants to wait for ZE to make a new game type is welcome to wait for them..  

00:33 PDT

did you asked from ZE?
let us to do primary discuss about how many people agree with that suggestion, please.
at this time on challenge criteria have not one day!!!!
specially please let us to say our need not about our ability of do that, it depends on and due to ZE not US!

00:35 PDT

01:40 PDT
@chwaqasahmed and ...........

from my point of view, that is not difficult to understand,
simple to explain:
at first step , ZE should added one day option on web page
and second condition 5 minutes to time out if you logged in and make delay more than 5 minutes!

please vote at this option added, at least agree with one day in neighbour of 2 days and more, other laws remain unchanged!

01:50 PDT

and for result we could see one day per turn on table "join a game"
i remain for you(all) agreement!!, please

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