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Topic: Tips for play
01:57 PDT
Tips for play

I have played some of the word games with some success and therefore feel that I might have some tips to offer.

1) Remember prefixes and suffixes. This allows you if you have the letters to go from BOLD to EMBOLDEN and even EMBOLDENING.

2) Remember that the same word can have different uses and meanings. Take for example the word use. This can have different meanings and pronounctions i.e yews and yoos.

Two seperate sentences may indicate what I mean:

What use is it?
How do I use it?

If one only sees the first meaning, then words such as reuse and used are not considered and if you see only the second meaning then the word useful may not cross your mind. I say this because all to often people say the word as they see it in their heads when they come across it and this seems to have the effect of closing off the alternatives.

3) There is a bonus for clearing the board and therefore towards the end, it may be useful to make small words in order to clear the board rather than placing a larger word which may leave letters spare.

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