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Topic: hello , who are you
18:30 PDT
hello , who are you

could i please ask who zooescape admin/owners are please?? Do you play the games ? Why dont you administrate and be a voice on the site ?? , I have emailed a few times and and have had nothing in return , but please yes take my money thats ok ..just respond......please

16:05 PDT

is it me you're looking for

06:07 PDT
Brave Warrior!

Zulu_warrior, you have expressed pretty much all of us here, however, before I join your shouts in the desert, I will first wait to see what they do to you.
Nice knowing you, mate!  

16:56 PDT

thanks, yiannakos, im still here , but just a response would be nice from the staff

16:49 PDT

The address does not match the server name. At least that is what my security thing says. It gives a name, I did note make note of it.

17:05 PDT
There is no-one there Zulu

I've tried getting a response multiple times (see my post on the BG forum). There is no-one running this site.

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