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Topic: Decipher
13:18 PDT

I would blurb this, but somehow I can't delete my blurbs.

I am posting notice to my fellow ZEians that I have added decipher to my ignore list. An attempt at discussion of the matter resulted in no reply.

1) Decipher's wild swings in rating can only be the result of one thing - holding desperately onto losing games, claiming all the winning ones, holding on for as long as possible, and then claiming all the losses at once.

This is not the way to "win friends and influence people."

2) This results in extra point losses for those who happen to lose a game to him while he's on a binge. As someone I respect has said many times, "Not fair."

If anyone can convince me to a better solution, I'm all ears. I now have 3 people on my ignore list, and the other two I believe are no longer part of ZE.

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