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Topic: tournament 89
00:21 PDT

This post was deleted by svenmx on 28-Apr-2017, 04:52 PDT

07:37 PDT

No, of course you are not the only one. Well, I think nothing will be done on this website to address the issue. I just hope that say will be able to come up with live backgammon tournaments like they did with chess ones. Then it would be hasta la vista zooescape...

06:20 PDT
Spot on!

Sven, I ran into a player who took three (3) months to complete his three games against me.
A few of us asked ZE to intervene but they did not.
In Gameknot, if tournament games run over a time limit, a panel decides what the outcome should be for the sake of the tournament's continuity.

05:26 PDT
I'm with you svenmx

Slow tournament play is rude and disrespectful. If players aren't interested in playing within a reasonable timeframe - then please don't join tournaments.

12:08 PDT
round 2

round 2 and the same player dragging it out, just ridiculous

09:07 PDT

What could be a solution? Perhaps it's more stimulating for zooescape staff if we can 'present' them a couple of ideas?

For example:

- 2 days instead of 3 days
- Sidetournament for live events

Any ideas?

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