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Topic: Continued Problems with a Unsporting Player. WILL ADMIN DO S
09:55 PDT
Continued Problems with a Unsporting Player. WILL ADMIN DO SOMETHING THIS TIME???

Why will admin not respond to my complaint?????  

23:13 PDT
Contact them through CONTACT US Link

its very highly unlikely that they would respond here so i would recommend u to contact them through e-mail.. Good Luck

14:32 PDT
They will respond but it may take a little time as they observe things unfold.

I had the same player removed from ZE at least 4 times after he tried to resurface under multiple names. ZE monitored the situation and were very good about taking action after they were able to discern what was happening. He is currently on ZE again but has finally learned to behave himself so I have not had the need to report him for well over a year now. This player's behavior was especially egregious and aggressive not only towards me but towards several other players as well.

ZE probably won't respond if a player is just being a jerk or poor sport but thankfully there are very few of those kinds of players on ZE. As for those few players who are sore losers/whiners/complainers or otherwise small human beings, the ignore list works every time!! Good luck!  

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