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Topic: NT trivia
04:43 PST
NT trivia

Some facts about the Nations tourney you may not know

04:47 PST

The semi-finals of NT1 were not knockouts but a round robin tournament.
The winners were USA1 and one of the members of that team was Ricetta who did such a good job recording teams, matches and stats on her site.

Final standings:
1. USA1
2. Australasia1
3. Iran

04:50 PST

NT2 was won by the CIS who overcame a 0-4 deficit to defeat Germany in the final.
CIS back then was comprised of Maidann, Blokin2, Ehsankatouzian and Carefree - the first three are appearing again in the NT4 final

Final Standings:
1. CIS
2. Germany
3. USA3 and Iran

04:53 PST

NT3 saw Romania1 bulldoze everything and everyone in its path to victory.
They didn't even show mercy to Romania2 which they defeated 11-5 in the semi-final game.

Final standings
1. Romania1
2. USA
3. Romania2 and CIS

04:55 PST

NT4 sees a Canadian team for the first time making the semi-finals.
They go up against the CIS which has made the semi-finals every single time they entered.
USA1 and Iran1 share third place - unless they want a playoff game...

04:58 PST
2-time finalists

Maidann, Blokhin2 and Ehsankatouzian are playing in the final game for the second time as all three were members of the CIS team that won NT2.
The only other person to have played twice in the NT final game is Dadooo (winner of NT1 and second-place finisher in NT3)

05:03 PST
3-time semifinalists

Maziariran holds the distinction of making it three times to the semi-finals (NT1, NT2 and NT4), winning third place all three times.
Nightking has also made it three times winning silver in NT3 and bronze in NT2 and NT4.
Finally, Maidann, Blokhin2 and Ehsankatouzian all made it three times to the semi-finals, as teammates, (1st place in NT2, 3rd in NT3 and ??? in NT4)

21:46 PST

This thread is sticked to the TOP of forum

11:59 PST

Yiannakos, thanks a lot for putting this together!

14:16 PST
. . .

Thanks yiannakos, you are a great host of Nation Tournament !

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