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Topic: ZE was Down  
18:53 PDT
ZE was Down  

ZE was down here yesterday for the better half of the day and it was a shock for me   ..

"504 gateway time out" error was occurring and frankly speaking I did not expect it to come live again as admins here has abandoned us   but its good that they have responded on time and its working fine now.. Thanks admins.

Thought of not playing on ZE ever again was terrified     ... Should not we create a group on yahoo,gmail,facebook or on any social network sites??

And if its not against the policy of ZE can anyone share the good websites for playing BG..  

19:37 PDT
ZE was down

Does anybody knows why ZE was down such a long time ?
Cyber attack ?
It would be nice to keep us informed what's going on with this website, specially because we pay for it.

19:40 PDT
update from a friend

One of my friends told me that he was asked to pay for his free account to continue his games....

did it happen to someone else?

22:07 PDT
504 gateway

I wish you a good morning  
A group in a social network for reasons I would welcome. Yesterday I have long tried to play Zoo and have found nothing on the net why the page does not open.  

01:48 PDT

"Should not we create a group on yahoo,gmail,facebook..."
I think it's good idea! FB for example

10:46 PDT
Downtime and Facebook

Hello ZooEscapers!

In the many years that ZE has been around, we are happy to report that we have had very few server interruptions and downtime so rest assured this is not an ongoing problem.

ZE does have a Facebook page! Click the link to visit our <a href="">Facebook page</a>! You can post messages there and "like" us.

We also have Facebook App for Backgammon but Facebook has made changes for security purposes so our app is in the process of being updated.


11:00 PDT
Thanks Admin

I was gonna paste official response(which every1 got through msg) here for the record but its very pleasant surprise that Admin has reponded on my Thread... I am kind of excited  .

IIRC I have played BG on ZE's fb application also,but its been long time that I hv opened it...Anyhow I had few discussions with friends and we will definitely unite ZE community on fb also.... Have fun playing BG.

I have contacted u via official link, I will be thankful if u will respond me....

06:03 PDT
It happened again today

Did it happened in the other parts of the world as well???  

18:26 PDT
Not here my location in USA

I have never had any issues here in USA with ZE down ... sorry read about you issues / happy that ZE staff did respond ~

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