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Topic: I'll resubscribe if someone from ZE contacts me
06:11 PST
I'll resubscribe if someone from ZE contacts me

So here's the deal

I've been a subscriber on this site for a couple of years - in all that time, all my messages to ZE staff have gone unanswered.

If someone from ZE contacts me now - i will resubscribe - but i get the feeling no-one is running this site and our cash is being used for.... whatever.

Over to you ZE - if you want my cash - let me know

04:34 PST
Anyone there? ZE do you want my cash?

A couple of weeks now - nothing!

14:20 PST

Sepp Blatter has a sideline...

Call in the Feds!

03:51 PST
more likely than...

I'll believe that before I believe Irina Shayk even said "hello" to the geezer!

12:23 PST
Wallaby... the point of your OP. Not sure what your messages to ZE have been about but ZE has responded to all of my messages. However, my messages involved reporting a particular troll/bully who consistently exhibited rude and threatening behaviour while using multiple screen names. Each time, ZE responded to my email, and removed the player from the site. The player finally learned his lesson after being removed several times and is currently behaving himself under a 6th screen name. Hope you get a reply to your messages soon.  

15:30 PST

I've sent ZE a number of questions via their 'contact us' screen - I always get an automatic reply, but never a follow-up to any questions. I'm interested that you got a response - so there must be someone monitoring it - but they never respond to me!

As an example - the 46th BG tournament has been stuck on round 4 since 2013. I've sent ZE questions about this on 4-5 occasions. Nothing.

A number of you have set up extra tournaments - nations, speed, tournament of champions etc.... great ideas, but messy to administer without ZE support. I've suggested to ZE on a number of occasions that they should support these events.

If they are happy to take our cash to run the site - well the least they can do is run the site!

Maybe if enough of us feel the same way, we should set up another on-line BG site that is more actively managed.

04:51 PST
It appears that they only respond to reports of bad actors.

Didn't know that ZE tournaments could get stuck. Is this due to a player who has stopped moving or is it because of an actual malfunction on the ZE site? Can't say I blame you for your frustration.

In my cases, it took up to a month for them to investigate the issue but it always resulted in ZE removing the player from the site. It became easy after the first couple of times because the player in question is not very bright, although I do give him credit for behaving himself for several months now. There were also other players who reported the matter to ZE which likely helped to get them to respond. Maybe you should PM the other players who are still in the 46th T and ask them to report to ZE?

I wish you luck!  

00:31 PST
Still no response

I also sent ZE another email via their 'contact us' screen to no avail. I truly don't think anyone manages this site.

00:01 PST
Offer STILL stands?

It was a disappointment for me to see a regular and good player like Wallaby66 fade away from ZE...I could feel and agree with his stance of not paying more but I was also helpless.. Many examples of ZE not responding were in front of me so it was useless to even comment.

Anyhow Wallaby66 my friend, does your offer still stands?
If you get a response from ZE admins you be will back as a paying member?  

00:04 PST

And kindly also let me know the query u want an answer via personal message or through this forum... Thanks
I have sent u a PM also in case u have not subscribed this thread.  

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