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Topic: puzzle generator is flawed
00:23 PDT
puzzle generator is flawed

all your puzzles are incredibly easy, only taking the time to fill in the blanks. Patterns are repeated--in any given puzzle, the same three numbers will appear in each vertical row per box., as well as the same three numbers repeating horizontally in each horizontal set of three boxes.

07:41 PDT
now no

But now it is not so easily as before - it really need to think by the head!

08:23 PDT
I take my words back

Maybe sometimes there are interesting puzzles, but among last four puzzles of different difficulty levels I haven't found a truly difficult. It is more than strange for such levels of difficulty as "hard" and "expert"  .
I absolutely agree with TawnyasH: some fault in the generator...

12:15 PDT

This post was deleted by sprint72 on 13-Dec-2012, 13:06 PDT

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