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Topic: Random dice? I don't think so
09:15 PDT
Random dice? I don't think so

There is something going on which I find very annoying in backgammon. Now I know that a double six is going to happen randomly in 1 in 36 throws. But I've been monitoring games where there is a race to the finish when both players have all their men in their home quarters. I have now had an almost unbroken run of about 30 such games where as soon as this situation arises, the first throw by the opponent is a 6-6. In about half these games it turns my win into a loss. Of course this will happen 1 in 36 times, but 30 times in a row is statistically negligible.
Does anyone else have the same experience, and what is the explanation?

09:36 PDT

I have now looked a bit further and only just noticed the backgammon section of the forum and the dire warning by the powers that be about random dice. So obviously what I said above cannot possible happen. So please ignore that

06:00 PDT

me just happen to lose games when playing with some players ... repeat, just with some players .....when I think I won the game, then lose....

15:12 PDT
Random Dice

I also have had this problem. Loosing consecutive games in a row and it is not because I am a bad player. The dice never roll to my favor and even when I had the game in the bag the opponent gets 2x doubles for a loss on my part. Players who are members seem to have the advantage. I lost 15 games in a row to one player consecutively.

11:29 PDT

...the dice are stacked against you. ZE has a diabolical plan to single out only a few players to have bad rolls and turn your wins into losses. This forum is for those players  

18:08 PDT
random bs

to prove that the dice are loaded for favorable members on this do you explain that BLOKHIN2 has been in the #1 spot of the LADDER most of the time that I have been a member(over 6 months) ....You try playing him for 30 times and verify the randomness of the dice(wink wink)

05:55 PDT
wah-wah-wah...its a conspiracy man!

lol...My kids and I have played Blokhin2 24 times -- its 13-11 our favor.

Do you think that a better theory might be that (s)he is just a better player than you?

Also, the vast majority of the highest ranked players on ZE are non-members (both past and present).

Perhaps a more palatable theory for you would be that -- the dice are stacked in favor of only the members that you happen to play?    

10:54 PDT
I been unusually lucky..

But I pu t it down t my special powers of influencing th dice with my mind.

09:23 PDT
random or not

dice are random. but there are some points.
first of all, my experience, after hit a man by your oppo. you get 6+6 that means you can not play for one turn!!!!! no luck! gift from ZE !
another , dice follow a harmony if you find or match with this harmony you win in others you have to lose. may be you are back only in one turn. disaster! no?  

06:52 PDT
Yes, there is most certainly a ZE dice conspiracy...

...and it only applies to the posters (AKA whiners) in this forum.

Please note that the following dice stats do not apply to you

ZE has singled out only the posters in this forum to have bad rolls and/or for your opponents to have good rolls   . So cruel (lol).  

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