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Topic: Top Rated Players
13:10 PDT
Top Rated Players

Did anyone know that in so called "Top Rated Players" - none of the first 10 players won a tournament ??? or at least a2nd or a 3rd place ????
...and if we dig deeper- form first 15 players only 3 (three !!) were able to win a 2nd and a 3rd position ??????
...and from first 30 players only 7 had occupied a podium place, with NO winner !!!???

17:26 PDT

That's because they are bloody hard to win!! That's why you gotta admirer players like lilwarrior and CharmedOnes who seem to do it with ease. The best I've done is getting to the fourth round !

03:30 PDT

yes, I only 2 or 3 times got 4-th round but no trophey  
Looks like smb has lucky dice despite of his rating... Someday I win!  

17:01 PDT
top rated players don't play tournaments

I don't think the top rated players enter the tournaments - they don't want to lose points to lower rated players. If a player rated 2000 enters a tournament and ends up playing against a 1500 player - then they could lose close to 30pts!

It's different to chess - where a 2000 player will almost always win 3 games against a 1500 player. In BG, the short term variability is much higher - the dice could be very unkind.

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