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Topic: Renew Sub?
18:36 PDT
Renew Sub?

I can't make up my mind. I can't remember the last time this site was developed. Seems like we are in watchmaker status; our creators set things in motion for the site to just kinda run its course.

$20 isn't much, but really I am ONLY paying for the cube option. I don't usually play more than 25-30 games. And, I like to have the feeling our money is, in a small part, being used to make the site more enjoyable for us.

I know it is highly likely this post has interest beyond me. But these forums, more than most, are a place to voice your frustrations into the infinity.

16:21 PDT

Any maintenance or upgrades being considered? Site tweaks? Thoughts? Anyone else?

19:15 PDT

cant seem to edit ftom phone. "likely" shoud read, "unlikely"  

17:26 PDT
I support your suggestion

I agree the site need upgrade.
Worst of it do not matter where I write suggestion or complain, never get a answer from ZooEscape.

No mare support from ZooEscape team.

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