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Topic: Announcements
07:15 PST

We will post all IMPORTANT updates about NEW & ongoing tourneys with their respective thread links here. So simply Subscribe this Thread so that you can get a notification in your inbox every time a new post is posted here. It will help hosts to avoid sending multiple individual messages to many players in the future.

Most players don't like spam messages which contain invitations so it will address that problem also. We will address here to only those who wanna play in our un-official Tourneys.

NOTE: pz do not start any conversation or discussion here.

07:16 PST
HOW to SUBSCRIBE this or any Thread.

Click "Thread Options " which is under the "BACKGAMMON FORUM" below ur messages link.
A new small window will open saying "Message Thread Options"
Simply click or check the BOX on the left of "- watching" and then hit "update"

07:25 PST

3rd Knockout World Backgammon Championship Details will start tomorrow on Thrusday, 17th April 2014 00:00 GMT .

Respective Link

11:07 PST

if any1 can not view this link,pz msg me

22:23 PST
T3..Last Day for ROUND 1

Today(Wednesday 23rd April 23:59 GMT) is the last day for completing your games and reporting results on BB site or ZE forum.

PS: If any1 fails to finish their games, then s//he will be banned in the next tourney.

TIP: If u are on fault of playing slow then forfeit ur games and let ur opponent advance to the next round,It will help u to play in the next tourney.(u will not be banned)

If any1 wants to report that his/her opponent did not respond the games or any other issue pz msg to host,web admin and keep ur opponent in loop also. Thanks

08:36 PST

This post was deleted by simonfox on 23-Apr-2014, 08:36 PST

08:37 PST
T3 simonfox v racoon

The above match is tied at 3-3. I am trying to initiate the last game but my opponent is playing their maximum number of games. I have sent them a message to challenge me, but I just wanted to keep you in the loop as this is the last day.

22:43 PST
Update T3


this thread is for general and public announcements..this is not for any individual cases.
pz report any issue in the respective threads.. Thanks

@T3 Round 1 Dead Line
25th April 2014 23:59 GMT.

Any player who will not complete his/her games after extension will be banned from the next tourney as it was written in the rules and conveyed from the very start.

03:04 PST
4th Knockout World Backgammon Championship

I will post details for new players later, Meanwhile all old players can join T4 from above link..I rekon u know the drill now
We are planning to gather 128 players this time

22:28 PST
4th Knockout World Backgammon Championship

pz join the 4th tourney from above link, 4th Tourney will be Double Elimination,

Means u will not be out after losing 1 match,u will get another chance and u will be out after losing 2nd match in any stage of the hurry up as it will be 1st come 1st serve  

dont post in the forum that u are willing to play just join the tourney on BB site and we will let u know about other details on the forum here

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